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Meet Sir Sebastian (The Cacao)

The Russian Blue
Charlemagne and Paul William oakland


"The Cacao".

He comes inside every night when he hears us use a small hand drum. He hissed and scratched everyone who tried to adopt him previously. They were worried he was unadoptable but he was just waiting for us!

When we met him he climbed on one of our laps and fell fast asleep. Everyone was astounded.

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1 year
Cacao, mow mow, little one, buddy
New Age music and Brian Eno, Foam earplugs from music shows, wine corks, hair bands, i.e. no toy we actually buy for him!
Being ignored, Being held "wrong"
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Chillin in our garden, being a gaurd kitty, staring at us from his perch, midnight cuddles!

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