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Meet Mindy

The Spotted Tabby
Rielle Want Blue Mountains, NSW

Mindy can find some insane places to sleep. For example, in drawers, on people's faces... She loves to be pet, and loves to cheer people up. I love it when she gets pumped up, because she then skits about and runs all over the place. Mindy is only small, but she has a big heart :) she also likes to eat people food, and act like a person. A great friend!

Min, MooMoo
sleeping, dogs, kids, warmth, cuddles, running water
vacuum cleaners, loud noises, cars,
Favorite Foods
popcorn, noodles, biscuits, mince
Favorite Pastimes
Unravelling toilet paper, acting like a human, playing, patting people's legs as they walk by

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