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Meet Heidi Rose Joy Cedolia

The Blue Cream Point Siamese
Jacob Cedolia Echo Bay, Ontario

Heidi is a cat that consists of love.  She loves people and people love her, but there's nothing Heidi loves more than going outside and getting her fill of the sunshine and playing the hunger games with our local moles. After she can take no more of the heat, she comes in and flops out on the coolest thing she can find, i.e. this leather lazyboy!

Heidi Rose Joy Tulip
Flowers, friends, family time when everyone is together, mornings
Music, loud televisions, pontoon boats, being poked in the belly
Favorite Foods
Canned cat food; our other cat's dry food
Favorite Pastimes
Hunting moles; Sucking microfibre while purring; playing with plastic milk rings from gallon jugs

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