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Meet Pip

The Tabby/Calico Mix
Olivia Maryville, TN
This (big) kitty was found in a local Cheddar's dumpster and was taken to a shelter where we found her and immediately bought. She has been such a fun-loving and crazy cat and has given us many laughs! Recently, though, she got involved in a cat fight and her eye got punctured. She is blind in that eye, with a small threat of having the eye removed, but nevertheless she still a lovely and wonderful cat that is just purrfect!!
Baboo, Issabooboo, Shattie, Sweetie baby, TT
Sleeping and being pampered
Dogs and not sleeping
Favorite Foods
Anything she can get her paws on!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, sleeping and sleeping (and bird watching!)

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