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Meet Tinkle Treem

The Part main coin
Mikayla Treem Middleton

One of our sister cats Tink, is a chubby, lovable sassy bitch. She has beautiful blue eyes and is of main coon decent. This feisty feline runs our home which includes five animals and three humans. Turn her into the diva she always knew she was.

Tinker Bell, Tinkle, Tinkywinky, Fatso
Hunting, sleeping, cuddling, swatting her sister, cheese, people, her hedgehog, catnip, and BONELESS SPEAR RIBS
When our dog sniffs her buttox. Eggs.
Favorite Foods
BONELESS SPEAR RIBS, cheese, tuna, milk, chicken... Her nickname is fatso. She likes all food.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping under the covers of beds, eating, and exploring.

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