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Meet Legacy&Harmony

The Himalayan/Persian
Paulette Kettlehut Corunna Ontario

Legacy and Harmony are sisters and very close to one another! They are the sweetest cuddlekitties I;ve ever known and I love them so very much :-) They are always together. And they love me their mommy just as much :-) I will always spioil them and love them and take the best care of them I can. XXOO

Legacy is 9 years old and Harmony is four and one half months behind her at eight years old..
Leggy, LaLa, LooLoo, Harmy, Harmenitto, Fleeto.
Treats, ice cream on finger, butter and being brushed!
Getting their eyes cleaned and being in another room from the other.
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
play, run sleep, eat.

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