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Meet Tangles

The Tabby
Jessica Abela Island Park, NY

When we first met Tangles we fell in love with him. Tangles loves playing, looking out the window, going for rides, and going boating. He loves taking cat naps on my lap and he loves being hugged and kissed. He's a very affectionate cat that gives kisses when asked (if he's in the mood). He's an absolute sweetheart!

3.5 months
Tangles, Tangie, Tanglewood
Playing with strings and balled up paper
Stuffed animals
Favorite Foods
Wellness Kitten formula, Trader joe's cheese puffs, watermelon, he always tries to get a taste of our food (we don't give him our food)
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, Looking out the window or front door, playing

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