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Meet Kabby

The Maine Coon Mix
Julia D. Vancouver, BC

Kabby is one of my 2 cats, who are brothers/littermates, and are made of nothing but lots of love and fur! They are Maine Coon mix-breed cats, which we adopted from the BC SPCA when they were a year old - They are 8 years old now. In this picture, Kabby is snuggling with one of my Ebi Emporim fine art velveteen pillows, as I work from my home studio and he loves to "help" me test-run my products whenever he gets the chance. Hehe.

8 years old
Kabs, Kabby, Mowzer, Kabblermoanie, Kabby-zez
Talking (IE: meowing non-stop in conversation with me), Sleeping, Hanging out with me while I work in my art studio, Getting belly rubs, Snuggling
Having his paws held, Being alone (He's super-dependent, and follows me around the house)
Favorite Foods
Weight management dry food (we don't give them treats because his brother, Leo, is overweight), and he LOVES to sniff/hopelessly beg whenever we have canned tuna, cheese or chips open in the house
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, Sitting on the balcony and watching seagulls, Snuggling with me, my husband or his cat brother, Leo.

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