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Photo Contest

Meet Corwin the Master of Cat Camouflage

The Calico
Michelle Unknown - Adopted in June 2014 (her birth month!)

The original photo can be found by clicking the link below. Look at how many "likes" she got for being such a cutie! Over 7,000 wow! Doesn't she deserve to win?


She is such a loving cat, and completely adorable. 

8 years old
"Cate" "Lovey"
Getting head rubs and giving kisses, treats, FOOD!
Being told no, food bowl being half empty
Favorite Foods
Purina® Cat Chow® Healthy Weight
Favorite Pastimes
Perching on human and laying half on/half off of them, being lovey lovey, sitting in the window, being cute, hiding via camouflage, making dough

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