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Meet Franken Cat

The Domestic Short Hair
Heather Long Pittsburgh, PA

Franken Cat is a FeLv+ cat who had a broken jaw, missing teeth, a skin infection and an eye that ultimately had to be removed. He formed a close friendship with my senile, deaf and blind Pit Bull, Old Grand Dad. And he quickly took on a caregiver role too. He became OGD's "one-eyed Seeing Eye Cat", guiding him around, and was a keen observer when OGD had petite mal seizures; he would gently guide him to the ground (both of these have been captured on video even!). 

Approximately 3
Caring for special needs dogs and watching the sunrise every morning from "his" balcony
An empty food bowl
Favorite Foods
Everything, including but not limited to pizza, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and new packages of hamburger buns left on top of the refrigerator.
Favorite Pastimes
Caring for his best friend, an elderly Pit Bull named Old Grand Dad (who sadly passed on May 31, 2014 - which Franken snuggled up with him)

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