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Meet Ada

The Bengal Tabby Mix
JoAnna Messerschmidt PA

This is Ada, my five year old bengal tabby mix. She is a rescue from PA and she's definitely a princess! She's sweet to everyone but if you want to see a cuteness overload, you have to live with her for at least six months! She's incredibly purrfect, and I really mean it. Never knocks over anything, never whines for food, never tries to steal food, never pukes, never drools..(my other cats are pretty misbehaved ) She's the purrfect pick ;)

Adacakes, Princess Pretty Paws, Button, Puddin
Feathers, Belly rubs, treats, laundry
Vacuum, eating with the boys, clumsy people
Favorite Foods
Scrambled Eggs! (Don't worry it's once in a blue moon and they're plain :) )
Favorite Pastimes
Being a perfect quality Ada 24/7

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