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Meet Tito

Lily Bauer Becker, MN
This is Tito! He is an awesome snuggle monster, but only when it's his idea! He's very independent and has a strong will for play and mischief! If you can't tell, he's a flame point with ice blue eyes:) My brother found him wandering the streets and said, " here ain't he cute?" I melted right there for him! he was only 7 weeks I'd guess. Now he rules the roost! With a loud purr and meow!
2 in September
Teets & Tito-Tostito
birds, any toys, outside, and exploring everything!
new guests especially males and anything that moves abruptly
Favorite Foods
fish and wet cat food!
Favorite Pastimes
exploring the neighbor's yard, cupboard spelunking & playing with feathered toys!

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