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Meet Dynah

The Domestic Shorthair
William Niblick & Deborah Takahashi Pasadena, CA

Dynah came into our lives a year ago and we just love her. She is very strong willed, but super sweet and adorable. She is also incredibly talkative so it's not unusual hearing a conversation between her and her daddy. When she is not running up and down the halls, jumping on bookshelves, or fetching her feather toys, she is either napping or bathing. When mommy comes home, she comes to the door to say hello and waits for her daily snuggles. She is a very happy cat and it shows!

4 years
Boo Boo Baby, Kitty Boo Boo, Sweetie Peas
Playing with feather toys, boxes, smelly shoes, Basil, catnip toys, chasing laser dots, chatting, paper bags,
Toothbrushes, car rides, being picked up, or anything else that is not her idea.
Favorite Foods
Wer food, Whisker Lickens, Cheeze-Its, Pizza, Pork Rinds, Bacon, and oven roasted chicken.
Favorite Pastimes
Going on walks, snuggling, sleeping, eating, looking out the window, and waking mommy up in the morning.

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