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Meet Orion

The Domestic shorthair
Courtney hagan, Katie wilcox Palmer Alaska

My name is Orion. I was adopted at birth, by my mommy Courtney. She was in the army and had to go to Iraq twice so she  left me with her grandma- I saved her grandma cuz she had just recently lost her fur baby (who was her world, Slinky) I stayed with my Grammie even after Courtney got back, even though Grammie was really sick, because she was happy with me. She passed in 2010 and her wish was for Courtney to take me back! Now I live happy with Courtney and mommy Katie too! 

Wet foods!!!
Cold! Being one the wrong side of the door!
Favorite Foods
Any human or wet foods!
Favorite Pastimes
Eating mice whole, not snuggling!

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