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Meet Bubba

The Bombay/Polydactyl
Joylene Rios Sacramento, CA

Bubba has 6 toes on each front paw, that's where the Polydactyl comes in. And because he is also Bombay, unlike the traditional black cat's hair, his is sheek and shinny. He's got personality too; he's hot stuff and he knows it. Originally I had gotten a puppy from a lady giving away some puppies from a litter her dog had but he turned out to be more trouble then I wanted. So I took heim back and the lady asked if I would take a kitten and that's how I got Bubba.

8 yrs. old
Sleeeping in boxes
load noises
Favorite Foods
Friskey's can cat food
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with the ring from a milk carton

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