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Meet Pippin

The Maine Coon X
Tricia Strachan Glasgow

Miaow there! I'm Pippin a 12 month old ginger Maine Coon cross male cat. I am an amazing little boy (thats what mummy tells me). I am a  loving,affectionate boy. I make cute chirp noises, love playing with my brother but can get jealous of him but shhh don't tell anyone okay? Mummy tells me i am a very well behaved & patient boy. I think you should vote for me because i had a horrible trip too the vet today for my booster vaccination and it was scary  miaow miaow.

12 Months
Food,cuddles on my favourite pillow,playing with my brother and mummy & daddy.
When my brother gets too much attention i get jealous you see.
Favorite Foods
Chicken Turkey, Bozita.
Favorite Pastimes
Meeting my brother (not by blood) for the first time. We got on from the very start.

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