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Meet missy & Rocky

The Maine Coon
Jesse & Sue Greenfield
Missy is a female 1 years old & Rocky is a male almost 1. I'm getting ready for work in the kitchen and they're always close by to be able to see me as much as they can before I go to work!They are such awesome cats! We got missy 1st from the Human Society when she was 2 mos. Rocky I got from a lady at Craigslist Bella. She had to feed him from almost birth cuz the mom rejected him, she gave him baths, feed him chicken & rice too. He does beg like a dog cuz he grew up with a tiny dog! Funny
1 year old
Princess & lover boy
treats, grass, sleep with mama, Missy loves to be brushed & sitting on the windows sill
Rocky hates to be brushed,vacuum, Missy doesn't like other people too much she has to get to know them slowly
Favorite Foods
Can food but like every other day or so but also mixed with dry food
Favorite Pastimes
playing & chasing with each other like crazy

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