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Meet Jade

The Domestic Longhair
Sarah Rountree Fort Worth, TX

Jade is a sweet rescue kitty. Her previous owner passed away from cancer. I started fostering her for a rescue last year and decided to keep her. She is spoiled rotten but the absolute best pet I've ever had. She is always there at the door when I get home. She wakes me up every morning by nuzzling and pawing my face. (While I don't always like it on my days off I wouldn't have it any other way.) She is such an angel to me

Jadie Bug
Canned food, Pounce treats, being brushed, giving hugs
Waiting to be fed (which is never very long)
Favorite Foods
Hills m/d (prescribed by vet)
Favorite Pastimes
Sunbathing, chasing laser pointer, cuddling

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