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Meet Sonny

The Domestic shorthair
Jilly Kearton Barnard Castle

Sonny is a 1 year old black domestic shorthair. I got him from a rescue home in January and he was very shy and nervous around people. Now he is the man of the house! He is extremely affectionate and loves attention, balls and bits of strung. He sleeps all day then has a mad hour or so chasing his ball or running around the house then spends most of the night outside. He is a massive part our home life and we adore him - even if he does bite our toes under the duvet at 3am! 

Cuddles, toes, favourite ball, string, sleeping on the bed
The vets, the Hoover, the hair dryer
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing favourite blue ball, sleeping in the sun, being tickled

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