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Meet Arctica Kitty

Traci Elizabeth California

I'm Arctica Kitty!  Traci found me sitting outside Easter Night. She picked me up, I snuggled her & we've been together ever since. She says I am an Angel with Paws. I was born in California, then abandoned. I was a stray in the neighborhood for 2 months. She named me Arctica, after beautiful white animals from a faraway place called the Arctic, where waters are pure blue as my eyes.I love my new life, and being a Cat Ambassador member of Desert Viking Lodge. Meow!

Napping, snuggling, eating
Creepy roommate
Favorite Foods
Fish, Tuna, Salmon, Turkey and Cheese
Favorite Pastimes
Mouse toys, leaving mouse at Mommy's bedroom door every morning, sleeping with Mommy, taking over pillows, pawing at laptop. Meowing at the Moon.

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