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Meet Isis

The American short-hair Isis was rescued :)
Jaciel Salas Fresno,CA

Isis is strictly indoor cat, temperamental but super loving...she knows what she likes and demands attention when SHE wants it...she does not meow but will chirp...she loves to be around her family to to keen about new people...all in all, she is lovable and we, my mother, dad and brother could not be without her...

2 yrs
Precious, Phatness, Princess
Kibble time, catching flies,yes, very gross...and indoor sunbathing where the sun shines in
BATHs, loud voices, brisk walking, especially in her area
Favorite Foods
Strictly cat food Purina, chicken flavor
Favorite Pastimes
Kibble time,sunbathing sleeping on her favorite chair

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