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Meet Arya

The DSH/Russian Blue
Jonathan Mahler North Baltimore, Ohio

Fearless, regal, and beautiful, Arya is a housecat with the heart of a lion. When she isn't out hunting down birds and rodents to bring home to the family, she spends time hanging out with big sister Mia, our German Shepherd. We adopted Arya from a group who had rescued her from a hoarder's home. Having never stepped foot outside until she came to live with us, she is quite the outdoor girl. Her favorite indoor activity is chasing dog food kibble around on the kitchen floor.

2 years old
Canned food, hunting, chasing tennis balls with the dog
Sea food, vacuum cleaners, other cats in her territory
Favorite Foods
fresh caught birds, Fancy Feast
Favorite Pastimes
hunting, hanging out with her sisterdog

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