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Meet Poster Nutbag

The domestic shorthair
Shannon Cioch Buffalo, NY

Hi! My name is Poster Nutbag. I am called Po for short. I am 1 and a 1/2 years old. I am a Mama's boy; I follow her around and love to sleep on her chest and give her kisses with my nose. I have squeaky purrs and drool a little when I am happy. My Mom adopted me from a local shelter: Buffalo Paws and Claws, my name was Squishy then. My Mom and Dad say I am spoiled, but I do not think so. I am very quirky and unique. I am the runt of my litter so I have digestion issues: Mom fixed.

1 1/2
Potes M'Gotes, Poster M'Goster, Po, PoPo, Squeaky, Squishy, Potes
chirping at the birds, playin fetch, playing attack peek-a-boo, tunnel attack, ripping up cardboard boxes with my teeth, any and all attention
Favorite Foods
greenies tuna treats, tuna and tuna water, steak
Favorite Pastimes
napping, cleaning myself, snuggling

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