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Meet Chrissheyba

The Bengal
Kari Wisconsin

Meet my sweet Bengal  Kitty her name is Chrissheyba,.. She was born March 2, 2014. She's the energizer kitty. She is so silly loves arranging my wall pictures. She Rides Shot gun when ever  we take the car out. She's my lovely sleeping partner my neck is her bed. Lol  Gets along with the dogs as well. Such a cuddle buddy. I am very happy that she picked me at birth. I knew she was the one for me. At first glance.




10 1/2 months
Playing Fetch,..Chasing after her tail, Riding Shot Gun.
Having a Fan Blow on her ears.
Favorite Foods
Raw Chicken Breast Wild Buffalo treats
Favorite Pastimes
Laying in the windows, playing with her birdie that squeaks.

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