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Meet Mamacita

The Domestic Shorthair
Mark and Laurie Austin, TX

Mamacita is a very complex cat, can be hard to put into words. She is a highly intelligent cat, fast thinker and mover. She loves boxes (we built a box fort for her and our other kitties) and she plays in pants (when they are off). She used to be more of a loner, but lately she has been enjoying being more social with my husband and I.

She does have some other quirks. She is afraid of the outdoors, thunderstorms, and people other than myself and my husband.

Boxes, Diving into pant legs, game of "ouchy bleedy", and back scratches.
Being told what to do, thunderstorms, and company
Favorite Foods
Super supper, cheese, and does catnip count?
Favorite Pastimes
Naps and mischief

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