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Meet Sollie

The American Short Hair/Bengal Mix
Lucinda Smith Newton MA

Sollie mid yawn! Brother Shah is beside him but on the black chair they are hard to see unless they move or open their eyes - or mouth in as here Sollie's case!They are 18 month old rescue kittens, sweet and silly! They are thriving and have gained 8-10 lbs each in their first year here but still prefer to squeeze together! Sollie is all black. Shah has bits of white. Both have green/gold eyes which always reflect the flash! Sollie looks like he is smiling here. He IS a happy boy!

18 months
Sollie (short for Solomon)
Food of any kind, Sleep, watching tv
Exercise, being picked up
Favorite Foods
Are you kidding? Just feed me!
Favorite Pastimes
Eating and sleeping. Watching tv

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