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Meet Sergeant Meowinski

Nicola and Mitchell Manitoba

Sarge is a 9 month old kitten, who came to us at the beginning of November, and trust me it is never a dull moment with him. He loves making new cat friends and getting the chance to wrestle with them. Two of the things he loves to do most is visit all his Grandparents, and destroy the mini cat tent that he gets to play with when he visits them.  If your wondering where his name came from, he is named after one of Bubbles cats from the Trailer Park Boys show. 

9 months
Sarge, Narge, Snargent,Snargepants, Nargapan
Balls of paper, playing outside, his best cat friend George, car rides and food
Dogs, water bottles, vacuums
Favorite Foods
Anything that he can chew

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