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Meet sully

The short hair beautiful markings
karen keller jamestown

i found sully abanded in our neighbors window well about 3-4 weeks old.  He is now almost 4 years old & in my opinion extremely handsome.  Not your typical cat.. enjoys being brushed daily.. likes his bath.  definately loved & am told pretty spoiled, but he's my baby, so what can i say.. lol i have often thought that he could be a model for some of the advertisements. could say more but spac is limited.

will be 4 in august of 2014
he knows his name so that is pretty much what we go by. baby or handsome sometimes..
cuddles with me when i have the back massager on in the chair. must like the vibrations
tail being messed with.
Favorite Foods
we have him on science diet lite mixed with a spoonful of wet food. loves his food. no people food.
Favorite Pastimes
likes to hunt his stuffed mice, & play with homemade toys that i have made for him.

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