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Meet Nemo & Penny

The long haired agrua and a short haired siamese
Kaleb Wellner oklahoma
Nemo is my black cat, Penny is our white. Both are very out going, Penny is a lover and loves attention. While Nemo is a loner and only listens and comes to me. They are both wonderful cats and I wouldn't trade either one of them for the world.
Nemo age 2 Penny 7 months
neems is the only one for Nemo, Penny goes by penpen, pennyloo, boogie, boogiebear, pooloo.
they love to run and play chase. hiding their toys after dunking them in the water bowl.
loud noises, making to much movement, and water bottles
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
laying on their cat tree basking in the sun

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