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Meet Sweetie & Garfield

The Bengal & Orange Tabby
Deborah Letteau Albuquerque

"Please go to sleep baby, your Mama needs her beauty sleep"

Sweetie is a Bengal, she is a beloved & loyal cat.  She sleeps right next to me every night.  She chrips instead of meowing.  Her fur is so beautiful & soft.  Garfield is a sweet, loving and funny cat, who loves to go outside in the evening with my son & I for his supervised playtime.  He still purrs very loudly & very often.


Sweetie age 2 & Garfield age 1
Sweetie Pie & Garfield the Lion King
They love eating, having cat treats, watching the birds, being loved on and catnip :)
The doorbell, being ignored, not being loved on, humans working on computers & rainy cold days.
Favorite Foods
Whiskas, Cat treats, catnip, tuna, and salmon.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleepy, cuddling, playing with their toys, watching birds, cleaning each other, purring, pretending they are large hunting cats.

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