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Meet Oscar the great

The Orange Tabby
Rita New York

I am Oscar. I am 4 years old. I drive mommy crazy because i am into everything but she love me even though i drive her crazy. I am a dominant cat. I play with my brother but i kinda beat him up not always but sometimes because i am rough. Then 10 minutes later we are licking each other because we love each other. I have a facebook page where you can see more pictures of me. In this picture it was Thanksgiving and Mommy dressed me up for this holiday. Thank you 4 voting for me!

4 years
Oscar the Great
he loves being rubbed,to eat Anything i am eating. watch TV, Sleep, Poses for the camera, loves his teeth being brushed, likes to drink water out of the tub.
Hates being combed or being pet its on his terms
Favorite Foods
Solid Gold Indigo Moon Holistic Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, turkey burgers, play with slices of apples, halo liv-a-little chicken treats
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, watch birds, playing games on the iPad, sleeping in boxes

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