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Meet jet

The My little black panther
daleann Cranleigh
Jet loves his creature comforts! My 11 month old male kitty is so cuddly and loving. However he thinks he is a dog sometimes! Jet fetches sticks,plays ball, runs to front door when knocks and growls! He has not barked yet!!!! My Lil black panther jet :) we love him
11 months
Lil black panther
dreamies cuddles food people plays hide and seek, waking you up 1st thing, always successful getting his breakfast when he wants!I've learned never to leave water by my bed as he wakes me up splashing my face with his paws and water! : 0 :)
cheap food! cars and x golden!
Favorite Foods
his treats & breakfast & dinner!
Favorite Pastimes
sitting in the garden watching the birds and hasn't caught 1 yet! otherwise he's asleep on my bed!

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