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Meet Teddy

The Chinchilla
Mim kendrick Adelaide

We got Teddy when he was 8 weeks old. He had fleas, worms and mites at the time, but now he is as happy and healthy as he could be. If we had not got Teddy I don't know what I would of done because I can easily say Teddy is my BEST FRIEND!

3 months, 12 weeks
Tedds, bear and fat boy because we had a cat called fat boy and teddy reminds us of him
Exploring outside, playing with him sister diamond, food, sometimes cuddles, and fun/things to play with
Being held, loud noises and big moving things like balls
Favorite Foods
Caned food and meat but his fav caned food is castor roll
Favorite Pastimes
Night time cuddles and seeing his sister when we brang her home

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