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Meet Scooter

The Domestic Tabby Cat
Candice Sittel Portland,OR.

Scooter just LOVES to be held on his back and give his Mom love nibbles on her nose,...sometimes a little to enthusiastically. He has a stubby short but fluffy tail which is absolutely adorable when he shakes his little rear end before pouncing on something. Scooter has a cute baby face that makes him look like he is still a kitten and he likes nothing better than to look at you right in the eyes and give you long slow happy cat blinks while purring loudly. 

Cooter Bug,Cutie Face,Cutie Patooty,Baby Boy,Lover Boy.
Catnip mouses,looking cute,giving love nibbles,sleeping
A dirty cat box and cats who don't like my happy head bonks.
Favorite Foods
Anything on my moms plate!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on top of the refrigerator and the tall curio cabinet.

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