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Meet Jewel

The Unknown
Kyrene Stephenville, NL, Canada

Jewl was a stray cat who just showed up at my house skinny and injured, I took her in and got her all fixed up. She is the most loving cat in the whole wide world and this is her signature pose, she rolls over on the belly and looks at you with those big eyes and you just can't help but pet her. She cuddles us every single night and you only have to pet her for all of 2 seconds to hear her purr. I love hearing her little jingle every time I enter the door as she waits for mom!

"Jewelifer" "Le Furr"
Belly pets, treats, being brushed, going outside, cuddling with mom and dad
Mom and Dad sleeping too late, getting her teeth brushed, our annual christmas picture when we dress her up ( I'll send one of these around Christmas time)
Favorite Foods
Meow Mix wet food, Friskies party mix treats, royal canin dry food
Favorite Pastimes
Playing goaltender with the jingle ball, catch the laser, pounding on the window so mom and dad will wake up

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