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Meet Jagger

The Tabby
Taylor McKay Hamilton ON, Canada

This is my lovely Jagger. She sleeps in the most ridiculous positions! She's so sweet and has the most adorable quirks. I was recovering from an illness when she came into my life. I couldn't have anymore babies, so she is the next best thing! We saved each other.  She was a rescue, abandoned.  Turned out she was the runt of the litter so she has some health issues but we deal just fine and she's like a kitten still after 2yrs. She makes my family complete. ❤️

Bubba, Fuzzbutt, L'il Chicken
Tuna, Fancy Feast Turkey, having her chin scratched, playing with the shoe lace, boxes!!!
Loud people, the vacuum, going to vet!
Favorite Foods
Tuna, turkey breast, and more tuna!
Favorite Pastimes
Playing hide and seek, cuddling with Mama, hiding in bath tub to ambush whoever uses the bathroom!!!

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