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Meet Goof

The Maine Coon
Alana Hill Edmonton, Alberta

We found Goof hiding under a van in our driveway in the pouring rain about 3 years ago. He was so skinny and his poor tail was broken and the bone was sticking out of the skin. After feeding him for a few months, I finally earned enough trust that he let me pick him up, and I brought him to our City's Animal Care & Control. He had a collar on, but no tags, tattoo, or microchip. After a week no one had claimed him, so I adopted him! He is now my big baby, and I love him so much.

Big Goof, Handsome Guy
Sleeping and eating, being brushed
Not being allowed to go outside
Favorite Foods
Anything he can get his paws on!
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing his cat and dog siblings

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