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Meet Zoe

The Himalayan
Grant DeSimone Old Orchard Beach

Zoe is a 2 year old chocolate point himalayan.. She absolutly LOVES to have all of our attention 24/7 and is the biggest love bug you could ever come across for a cat.  Her nick name is "princess fancy pants" :) .. she loves to prance around the house like the spoiled little princess that she is! She knows shes beautiful and Loves to flaunt it to!  

lil girl, princess fancy pants
jello,yogurt, greenies dental treats, drinking fresh cold tap water, riding in the car, playing fetch in the yard w/ dad, meeting new animal friends
dirty litter box, being left home alone, not getting any attention, soft cat food, meat(turkey,chicken)
Favorite Foods
Purina healthy weight cat chow, strawberry jello and yogurt
Favorite Pastimes
being an indoor cat but being able/trained to go for walks with out a leash with her dad, constantly begging "meowing" to us (like a little kid) to go outside

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