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Meet Jonah

Barbara J. Manning Born in Sydney, Australia, currently living in Tokoroa, New Zealand.

I adopted Jonah from the Sydney RSPCA, Australia in 2008.  In 2010, we decided to sell up and move back to New Zealand, so Jonah was transported by JetPets to NZ and he took residence at our new home in Tokoroa...complete with back yard!  In Sydney, we had only had a 1 bedroom, 3rd floor apartment so it was very exciting to get a back yard.  Since coming home, Jonah now has Pennycat and Whitu, as well as Daisy the dog living with him.  

7 years
Jonah the cat, special boy.
Dinner time, playing outside with Pennycat, Whitu and Daisy, special time with mummy, sleeping in my hotwater cupboard.
Change, the crate, going to the vet.
Favorite Foods
Hills science diet, Virbac Excellence cat food.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping in the hotwater cupboard.

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