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Meet Holly Peño

The Savannah
Krystal & Kory Doucette San Mateo, California
Part Wild African Serval and Domestic cat. Loves water, fetch, walking on leash, Tug o war, making weird noises, loyal, sweet, loves hugs and kisses, follows owner...ALL AROUND THE HOUSE AT ALL TIMES... #CatDog =)
18 Months
Holly,Mrs.Peño,HollyPinoNoir,Furrito,Purrncess,Holly Peño Popper
Fetch,Water,Tug-O-War,Cuddling,Kisses,Running around the house like a psycho sounding like a mini horse
Blow Dryer
Favorite Foods
Chips,Crackers,Ice Cream,Carnitas,Wheat Thins
Favorite Pastimes
Wearing my tie for the Cat Tie Affair

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