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Meet Many Rescues

Carolyne Strittmatter Pocatello

Howdy friends.  We are all rescues.  Our mama saved us from either going to a kill shelter, dumped, tossed in a trash can or dumpster, tosed in a river, ran over by cars & left on the side of the road.  No matter what, she never gave up on us & now we are all better & have so much love from her & a warm bed to sleep in & pleanty of good food.  Mom gives us so much love and has morE love in her heart for my rescues.  We love her very much

6 mo. to 13 years
spice, miss grumpy, tootsie, Muffie, Luv Bug, Lover Boy, Lover girl, Tiny, Parrot, AND THERE ARE MORE
can food & all the free fed we can have
strangers cause we are afraid they will hurt us
Favorite Foods
Canned food & treats
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping with mom & playing with our toys & on all our cat trees

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