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Meet Chase

The Shorthair
Bonnie Houston

Chase is almost 1 yr old :) he is a happy cat, loves to play and chase the other cats around.  He travels with me when I go for long times and is very good about it.  He has the sweetest personaliy! and mischievous... its honestly like having a child who is into EVERYTHING.  Chase was a rescue cat from the ASPCA :) and he is my little boy.

1 year
No... Chase!
food, he has a little buddha belly from eating the left over wet food from the other cat dishes.
Lilbit, the 8 yr old that torments him
Favorite Foods
Pretty much anything! Hes my furry little shark.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing on his cat tower and swatting at the other cats from the couch, and hanging with his Mom while we watch tv.

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