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Meet Ariettie Lucie Montresor

The Seal Tortie Point Siamese
Gay and Rob McDonald Cooktown, QLD Australia

Ariettie - Ari for short - is a little over one human year old and is already Queen of our hearts! She loves fresh mudcrab so much she has been know to gorge herself until she throws up, and then go back for more! She lives aboard our sailboat with us, and loves to jump up on the boom for a "scruffle" from Rob. Boxes are the toy she enjoys the most, along with leaping high into the air to catch a tossed toy mouse and bring it to me. She is our baby!

Ari; Skinny Mini; Nigger Nose; Snow Toes; Mrs Kitten;
Playing with people who are under the shower!
uhm, oh yeah, pate style cat food
Favorite Foods
MUDCRAB;barramundi;chicken;sometimes even cat food
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping on top of people; eating mudcrab; waking people

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