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Meet Taz

The Maine Coon
Hannah & Kimmy Campbellsville, KY

Taz is a very fluffy and loving little boy. He's soon to be celebrating his first birthday on June 15th! He likes to chase lasers, lay on puzzles, chew on hair ties and loves to eat treats!! He comes running at the shake of a bag. He's very playful and one of the most unique things about him is that his meow sounds like a chirping bird. When he gets stressed out he pants or growls like a dog, and when he's about to be sick he warns his mommy by shouting "no no no"!

10.5 months
Taz, Tazzy, Fluffer Nutters, Prince, Tazmin Grey, Tazzers
Hair ties, Puzzles, Laptops, Being brushed, Temptations treats, Getting his neck and chin rubbed, Lasers, Being stretched, Kittens, Looking out open windows, Birds
Large crowds, Getting his belly rubbed, Loud noises, Being teased
Favorite Foods
Temptations Catnip Treats, Meow Mix Tender Selections (Chicken & Salmon)
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds fly outside the window, Napping on the kitchen table

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