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Meet Cleopatra

The Shorthair
Briana Knapp Winfield

I rescued Cleo(patra) from a woman in Huntington, WV. She was very timid at first because she was born in the wild with her other siblings. She met her little sister Harley (she's a grey short haired that rules the roost) in March 2013 and they've been inseparable ever since! She's very sweet, snuggly, and SOFT. Cleo loves to spy on the dogs and is very sneaky. She also has an unusual meow, it's more like a sqeak. We love her!

1 year
Cleo, Squeaky
Catnip mousey, Harley (her sister), sleeping, belly rubs
Being held
Favorite Foods
Tuna and any cat treats
Favorite Pastimes

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