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Meet Kicia

The Tabby-Tortie Mix
Sara & Izabela Chicago, Illinois

Kicia was adopted in December 2013 from PAWS Animal Shelter in Chicago, Illinois. She quickly adapted to her new surroundings and became the baby of the family. Kicia loves to play fetch, and she'll go on for hours if you can keep up with her. Her newest obsession are pairs of socks! If yours go missing, you can bet who the culprit is!

She's a little sweet, a little sassy, kinda quirky & full of energy. We love her and her odd personality!

2 Years
The Kic, Bubs, Bubby, Punkinhead
fetch, socks, laser pointer, fresh water, a clean box, love when I want it
Being put in timeout because I won't let my parents eat meals in peace :(
Favorite Foods
Merrick Wet Food
Favorite Pastimes
Catching flies, playing with my BFF Mala

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