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Meet Burt (Burton Von Fuzz)

The domestic shorthair
Jennifer Harris Blairstown, NJ

Burt was one of 5 kittens born to a feral cat in my Dad's basement window well. As my Dad hosted a garage sale, a patron discovered the kittens! My brother adopted 2 of them,we found homes for 2 more, and that left just Burt. He was a bit of a sickly looking runt of the group. I took him, thinking I would find a home for him, but of course I got attched. He became our 4th kitty. He is quite a character now!

Burtie - Burt, Burt the Squirt
burrowing under blankets, chasing female Katie cat around
getting his nails clipped, cat carriers
Favorite Foods
rotisserie chicken, cheese
Favorite Pastimes
Burt can turn on light switches!

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