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Meet Sheldon Cooper Turner

The Maine Coon
Nicole Turner West Gardiner

Sheldon is a spunky 8 month old maine coon. My 11 year old daughter named him after Jim parsons character on the T.V. Show Big Bang Theory:) Sheldon is a fantastic addition to our family, he loves to play with our Golden retriever Buddy..He also loves to watch the squirrels and birds at our feeders! ~ May I also say Sheldon is one of the most handsome Coon around and a big one too weighing in at 15 lbs by 7 months old! And still growing..

7 months
Shelly & Shelly bean
Catnip, balls, string, Easter eggs, Christmas decorations
Favorite Foods
Purina cat chow, and 9 lives pâté' only, kitty treats too!
Favorite Pastimes
Naps,playing, walking on leash, being a spaz..

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