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Meet Ethan Tucker Fox

Shannon Fox Tualatin,Oregon

Ethan, better knows as Effy Beefy, Beefaroni, and sometimes Reekaroni has handsome green eyes, a baby face and the cutiest pink nose you have ever seen.  He is the ultimate cat food and treat tester among the trio of my cats. If Effy doesn't like it, aint no cat will like it.  He is a kean alerter of carpet funk, and will politely cover the excrement of my 15 year old cat, Jerry. 

11 months
Effie Beefy, Beefaroni
Food, food and food, Receipt balls, Wrestling with his brother, warm beds, dirty clothes hampers
Tight spaces, carpet funk, uncovered excrements
Favorite Foods
Canned, dry, treats, but not old treats
Favorite Pastimes
Gazing out the window, eating his food and finishing others

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