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Meet Panda

The Siamese Mix
Alexandria lethbridge
four years
Panny, Panny-Pan, Panorama, Joob, Bidao
Kisses, yellow and blue blankets, canned food, baths and showers, water, small spaces to hide in, oldies, sweet things like candy and pastries, and eating bread but never the crust
Loud people, strangers, fish, strangers petting anything but her head more than once, thunder, being cold, pink blankets, and playing dress up
Favorite Foods
Whiskas Meaty Selections and Fancy Feast Chicken Florentine
Favorite Pastimes
sitting on the top of the cupboards to look down on everything, climbing on top of doors, sleeping in the sun, burrowing under blankets, mauling her favorite cat bed, chasing her tail, chasing the laser pointer, and playing hide and seek

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